Thursday, May 24, 2007

Moreau and The Red Eft

Took my first hike Sunday and everything went well. We took the West Ridge Trail which has some interesting rocky view points. Trail was moderate and really perfect for a first hike.

With rain impending we were just happy to get a few miles in and we ended up hiking out in the pouring rain, but it was a good hike.

Along the way we came across these Red Efts (spotted newts). These are pretty common in the northeast in the spring despite the fact they are far less plentiful then decades ago. Global warming/climate change? Pollution? Ozone layer depletion (responsible for many amphibians extinction)? Whatever the reason these guys going the way of the dodo and fewer and fewer seem to be seen every spring.

While I've quite a few photos of Red Efts on leaves, these are unique because of the green moss.

(To view the full size photos, click on the thumbnails below)

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