Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Albany Tulip Festival -A Celebration Of Albany's Dutch Heritage

What great weather for this often rained out festival. Perhaps Albany's biggest out door festival and it seems to rain every year.

For most of the weekend the sky was cloudless with warm temps. Aim and I are ridiculously sunburned for so early in May. A little wind always makes flower photography hard, so the weather wasn't perfect. At times it was downright windy. Believe me though, Mayor Jennings and the festival organizers weren't concerned with a little breeze blowing the tulips around. Some said it was the best weather in the festivals 50+ years.

Some photos below are from my two days of shooting at Washington Park, where the annual Tulip Festival is held, as well as around downtown Albany.

I won't bore you with details, other then to say, for a city that reached it's peak in the mid 1900's, Albany has tons of history. There are also tons great historical and modern architecture to keep a photographer busy.

Photos (click images to be taken to the larger files and captions):

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