Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Freedom of the Hills, An Introduction To Winter Mountaineering

The full trip report is in the process of having the images added. Here is a video of some of our hiking.

I love how at the top of Maple Ridge, Colvin encourages George to continue, "follow me George."  You can also see by his body language he is very patient and concerned when George descends the Wampahoofus trail above the tunnel (this is where you should hit mute if Top Gun lines with potential profanity offend your sensibilities).

Sorry for the crappy editing of the video (the first 30 seconds have some errors, and an extra cut where Colvin's head appears), it was my first time using the very powerful Sony Vegas, and I think some perseverance with it will yield great results in the future! Having tried quite a few professional video editing tools, Vegas seems to be the one for me. Most output formats, most intuitive (yet still insanely complicated) interface, but great coding and fast previews.

Enjoy and take a look back tomorrow for the full trip report.

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