Monday, July 25, 2011

Running out of Spring, a soggy day on the Soda Range

Running Out of Spring
Running out of spring in early June on the Adirondacks beautiful and generally panoramic view filled, Nun-Da-Ga-O Ridge.

What do you do when your human companions bail because the weather calls for rain, rain, more rain, and the magnificent views are gone?!

Well of course you hike anyway. It's precisely why trail dogs were created. To equalize the forces of human fickleness with the primal desire to just do stuff.

I will say, however, that the humans made a good call. This was the best view to be had that mid spring day; staring down at my boots as I hiked in the rain and wind, trying to stay warm. A sharp contrast from the upper 90s and humidity earlier in the week.

This was perhaps -debatably- the best of several attempts at having something memorable from this hike. I put my Samsung TL500 on an Ultrapod II pocket tripod, and set the self timer. All I had to do was time the shot right. Easier said than done.

As far as keeping the TL500 dry, I put my hat brim over the camera (after squeegeeing the excess water from the brim) . This provided enough cover to work without stressing over the cameras lack of weather sealing.

I guess the question is, when you have a 6 mile hike in the rain, do you find it quite as easy to amuse yourself during mid hike breaks?

A soggy Colvin doing what trail dogs do
A soggy Colvin doing what trail dogs do, hiking independent of the weather or any other extraneous factor that causes humans to abandon a day on the trail.

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