Monday, October 1, 2007

Meet The Mutts...Head To The Ball Park And Greet The Mutts!!!

The Mets embarrassed themselves and their fans. They played sloppy and without any heart, they seemed like they expected the Marlins and the rest of the National League to roll over for them.

Yes, you are the NY Mets...SO WHAT!!! Historically, you're not the Yankees, you're not even the Redsox. You are only a bit better than the Astros who entered the league the same year as you.

Yet you swagger like you are the team to beat. You laughed when Jimmy Rollins of the Phillies said, "we are the team to beat in the NL East."

Hey Jimmy, congrats on the NL East title, congrats on putting your money where you mouth is, and congrats on the MVP you will be awarded for your monster season.

As far as 2007, you the NY Mutts, were in the lead for the entire season. You had a 7 game lead with 17 games to play, and you finished the season with 7 straight home games, all against teams with sub .500 records.

Why did you lose? Well you irritated every team you played with arrogance that you never even earned. Sadly, even the Yankees don't garner as much hatred from there opponents as you did this season.

You celebrated like you won something Saturday, and then Sunday the Marlins came to play. How'd you like that triple the Marlins pitcher legged out? Did you think he wasn't playing to win when he saw Lastings Milledge dogging it to the wall? Did you think when the Marlins took Dontrell Willis out in the 3rd because he was off his game they weren't trying to win?

Now, after playing one of the worst -perhaps without a doubt the worst- games I have ever seen in person, and with a less than sellout crowd on hand in your franchises most important ever regular season game, the season is over so stick a fork in it, it's done!!

Time for a vacation. Well an official vacation. After all, none of you actually showed up to play for the last month.

Your fans had no faith in you. For weeks they'd been calling sports talk radio exclaiming how you were losers, and sadly, this was when you were still in first place.

NY fans are tough, but you earned the boos Sunday. You actually got off easy. If you were my team I'd have booed from the 1st inning till you walked off the field. Getting beat is one thing, rolling over and playing dead is entirely another.

And as a Yankee fan, you denied me the greatest thrill a Yankee fan can enjoy, besides beating the Redsox. You, the NY Metropolitans, aka. the Mets or the Mutts, intentionally derailed the Subway Series which is the only time we Yankees fans get to win a meaningful game against you.

You squandered a chance to "take over the city", you filled this season with annoying slogans that mean nothing without W's, and you disappointed Mets and Yankees fans alike.

You ruined the possibility of a 4 team playoff for the NL East and wildcard spots which was another reason I was genuinely rooting for you.

Yes, I was at the game genuinely rooting for NY's second team -NY's baseball doormat- to win 1 game against a last place team. I didn't even leave in 6th inning like most of your fans because I held some hope you could beat the Marlins.

In the end, you wasted a perfectly fine Sunday afternoon for the 40,000 fans who showed up to watch playoff baseball while you played like it was a spring training game.

So from someone who really didn't care about the outcome, but would have liked to have seen a good baseball game, thanks for the memories!!! You Suck!!!

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  1. Do you even know what a mutt is you douche?

  2. Since Google is having some technical issues and I can't delete the above, I thought I'd comment...WTF? No really I mean that!

    Yeah, I know what a mutt is, but I'd like to know what your comment is in relation to? You know the context of it? Do you really want to know what a mutt is, or did you just need a preamble to calling me a douche? Are you arguing the Mutts don't suck cow dick?

    Anyway, because idiots with sub 1000 SAT scores, I had to add a comment notation, and also add moderation to the comments. This isn't the first time some idiot posted a comment with no meaning, but it's the last!

    As I noted, I really love a good debate, but if you don't have the courage to leave a (legitimate) reply address, you shouldn't post!