Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Montreal - Just For Laughs

We usually try to get to the Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal every year. Unfortunately, the month of July is usually rainy and other than the first year it's pretty much been a rainy mess every year.

Next year, I'm taking a poncho and umbrella even if the forecast calls for sun all weekend.

We got a much later arrival than I planned. After starting out a bit later we made good time and even played catch at a rest area.

On the trip up both the Northway and I-15 was filled with popo's. An annoyance because not only were they frequent but they were using POP radar designed to defeat radar detectors.

Unlike last months smooth crossing we ended up with a long line at the border, followed by my Dad having to go into customs because he didn't have originals of the twins passports. Entering Canada without the mother is usually a production. After my dad convinced them that his passport and license matched the childrens birth certificates, he than had to show them emails from their mom talking about the trip.

After looking for parking and checking in it was 3pm. In the end it didn't matter. JFL's street performers started at around 2pm but by 3:30pm it was raining.

After spending a few hours at the festival we hopped on the Metro to go uptown (i think) to Ouzeri where we had dinner reservations, an excellent greek restaurant recommended by a Montreal local.

Following dinner we decided to walk back to Sherbrooke and perhaps the festival. There was a brew pub I wanted to check out on St. Denis.

We stopped off for some ice cream with hopes of the rain ending so we could enjoy some more of the festival. Not a chance, this is just for laughs and it rains. And that's no joke.

I had a 4am wakeup call for some photography in the Old City but of course the weather was less than spectacular. No blue hour, no golden hour, not even a real sunrise.

Below are some photos from this weekend:

Family Stuff:

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