Thursday, April 12, 2007

Step It Up 2007: National Day Of Climate Action

Australian Students stand up to fossil fuels!

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Saturday April 14th is the first National Day Of Climate Action.

It's the first step in a national movement to reduce carbon emissions by 80% by 2050.

It's the first step in national awareness of the rapid warming of the planet. Similary to the first Earth Day in 1970 it's designed to promote awareness and action.

Despite holes and oversimplification in Al Gore's, Inconvenient Truth, the documentary served as a main stream education to the masses of the reality of climate change. Now it's time to take it a step further and push for enaction of national energy policy change and break the nations addiction to foreign fossil fuels.

There is certainly a rally in your area. And if not it might not be too late to put something together to bolster awareness, and show your elected officials that this isn't something you are willing to sit back and watch them twiddle their thumbs on.


Visit: Step It Up 2007 for more information

Aengus and Tom Gillespie

Tom Gillespie, right, and his son, Aengus, show off their banner
urging action against global warming Tuesday in Albany.
(Steve jacobs / Times Union)

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