Thursday, January 27, 2011

Going mirrorless in the mountains of New Zealand!

Some time ago I wrote a rather lengthy and extensive review of the Samsung TL500/EX1. Though the review covers the history behind selecting this camera, it all boiled down to having something that almost fits into a pocket but produces professional quality imaging. This sort of camera isn't quite ready to replace a larger SLR system in utility or image quality, but it will go places an SLR probably won't and gives every photographer another weapon in the arsenal.

Having the camera now for 5 months, I am always pleased with the output, even when testing the technological bounds of the TL500. So upon seeing some skiing videos that used the TL500 and NX10, I was glad to learn the Samsung TL500 was in fact being used in professional settings for the purposes I originally envisioned a camera like this.

Some images I've shot with the TL500 (EX1) can be found here:

The full review of the EX1 / TL500 can be found here at Enticing The Light. Not recommended reading for the casual photographer or snap shooter, but certainly the sort of review that will leave you without surprises when Amazon delivers it to your doorstep!

What I can add post review is that this camera has performed admirably in all sorts of weather for me so far. From 90 degree sunny days to -10F winter days. Coupled with a Lowe Pro Terraclime 30 case, it is really just shy of the ultimate on the go compact that pretty much leaves you without an excuse to come home with a shot or two. Besides a few software updates, I'd have weather sealed it to make it the perfect on the go professional grade compact. Inclusive of those minor issues, it's a joy to use outdoors and enables me to get more than web quality snapshots when I don't want to (or can't) carry an SLR!

A little more fun from the New Zealand shoot with some really insane skiing (some of us would just be happy to be able to turn in both directions when needed, this is just insane!)...

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