Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Another Beautiful Day In The Northeast

Just a shot from my drive to work on the camera phone. Unlike the rest of the wimps and bad drivers that thankfully weren't on the road, I woke up today excited to see about 6 inches of fresh powder.

Conveniently I just had my new tires put on yesterday and was excited to test them out. 68 miles of mixed driving today, including interstate, state highways, and hillly and twisty backcountry roads. Fun!

Plus, the added bonus of a little fresh powder for some local xc skiing tonight and tomorrow!

My advice to those who don't wake up all excited to see fresh snow during the winter is it's time to move to a place without four splendid and equally long seasons!

Don't worry in just 4 months you will be complaining about the 90 F degree heat!

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