Saturday, December 13, 2008

Hour 36 Without Power...

First real test of the SMS (short messaging system) and Verizon Wireless Email to connect to the blogosphere!

This is hour 36 without power, in one of the worst ice storms to hit this region in decades!

Current conditions: F'ing Cold. 44F indoors! Approx 10F outdoors, sunny but windy! Ground is a sheet of ice! While some areas seem to have been spared, or seen minor damage, our area was perhaps hit the worst. Every mature coniffer tree, is either destroyed or extensively damaged, many hardwoods also sustained damage! Quite a few structures has sustained damage from falling trees.

Early estimates were 200,000 Capital Region residents and businesses without power. I believe this does not include New England which was hit perhaps harder!

Traffic signals are out at many intersections, and many morons believe that an intersection without a light is a "green light." PLEASE STOP AT ALL INTERSECTIONS!

I'm going back to sleep for an hour or two. Then going for a hike!


Justin Serpico
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