Friday, March 9, 2007

Set Me Free, Why Don't You Baby!!!

I'm 12 weeks away from becoming a non caged animal again. If it would warm up I'd be so much closer. I never liked zoos but I now know why I hate them so much. So I'm clear to gradually begin a running program (treadmill), light hiking (nature trails), and within a few weeks mountain biking (Caney is excited).

I had my 12 week post-op at Special Surgery Monday and all went well. After a brief scare (9 days of pain, stiffness, guarding and spasm) my knee feels like a $31,000 knee again. Really had me worried after the last 6 weeks going soooo smoothly.

Well some photos from my day off in Manhattan. It was typical March in the Northeast. Rainy, snowy, windy, cold, sunny, briefly warm, and bitter cold all in a 12 hour span.

Not exactly the mountains but a fun day spent photographing in the city and then dinner with the family.

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