Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Palm Pre vs. iPhone 3G vs iPhone 3GS Speed Test

Since I turn my phone off about NEVER...and I reset it about NEVER the first test is irrelevant, but please do revel in it. In 3 weeks my Palm Pre has been reset once, when I turn it off I go to airplane mode, which kills 95% of battery drain and means I still have access to the media/pda functions and instant network access with a press of a button. I'm happy to concede the turn on time (which by the way, is sometimes a minute, sometimes 30 seconds hers was weird at almost 2 minutes, maybe it was earlier firmware). However, I do browse the web all the time, and I do send emails/photos/SMS all the time. An extra 15 seconds per web page, and 15 seconds per email would add up fast.

By the way, ATTs network is famed out west for being superior to it's east coast version, San Francisco is not a small market hill town, if ATT doesn't have Sprints coverage in San Fran why would I think it covers podunk any better? Service is key to a phone like this being fully functional, without it the phone becomes a fancy flashy brick.

I love superior products in both interface and speed! Also love the superior Sprint network.

I love Pre-edom

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