Thursday, April 20, 2017

Little Missy on the Schroon River @ 6.9ft

Little Missy (aka. Big Drop) Schroon River at 6.9ft from Mountain Visions on Vimeo.
Running Little Missy (aka. Big Drop) on the Schroon at 6.9 ft. This is a solid class 3 at all levels with a tight slot and keeper hydraulics on both sides. Not a tough rapid, really, but the line has to be spot on or you'll be swimming it. This was pretty high water so I wouldn't be suprised if it was a little more like Class IV. The waves following the drop were some of the biggest we have paddled. At least 4-5ft high. I'm not sure the entire run lived up to expectations, such that they included talk of Grand Canyon like waves (see a description here... ), but at this level it was way above our OC abilities, there was a 10 minute class 3 wave train before this, TEN FULL MINUTES. Definitely a blast to run on air and a goal to be able to run in the OC down the road.