Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Kaaterskill Falls: K-9 on Rappel

Kaaterskill Falls: K-9 on Rappel

Rappelling at New York's 260ft Kaaterskill Falls. The two tier fall is one of the Catskills hardest pure ice climbs in winter; in summer the 0.4 mile trail to the base is one of the states most popular tourist attractions. 

Colvin and I were practicing rappelling for caving and canyoneering, desensitizing him to the rushing water, spray, and long rappel. 

Ultimately the plan was to rappel directly into the lower pool of water and have Colvin quick release into the water for a swim exit, but the day's plans were interrupted by initially offering assistance and eventually being cleared from the scene of a injured hiker evacuation. 

The day totaled out with two dogs doing 3 rappels, lots of scrambling, and a little excitement in seeing how long it can take to evac an injured person over a half mile of extremely dangerous terrain. A good reminder to double check your setups and be careful when tramping around the mountains, because even a half mile is a long way from help. 


Kaaterskill Falls: K-9 on Rappel from Mountain Visions on Vimeo.

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