Monday, August 15, 2011

Trail Dogs Gone Wild!

Over the last two months I have been dazzling you with tales of triumph over technical terrain with my trail dog, I figured it was time to show the proof. Unfortunately, I often hike with just the dog and I don't often have a chance to capture photos and videos of his exploits.

This is just a short video of my trail dog, Colvin, taking on some challenging Adirondack terrain. Even though he is afraid of heights, Colvin always puts 100% effort out for us.

His progress and ability on the trail isn't the result of some natural talent, but almost 18 months of very conservative and carefully planned incremental training. This slow careful training has enabled him to fully trust us in challenging situations and approach things with an attitude of fun.

At this point we still aren't letting him go without a spotter on the big ladders, but he is doing all the climbing himself, Aimee is just there in case he panics or slips. After a few more outings, I think he'll do just fine going solo.

Trail Dogs Gone Wild from Mountain Visions on Vimeo.

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