Friday, April 30, 2010

An Afternoon On The Plotters Kill

Just a few images from a very nice -and apparently very popular- little local hike that we'd never done. Of course, just because it's local (18 miles) doesn't mean it's easily accessible. I was in the central Adirondack's a few weekends ago in just a little more time. This isn't uncommon in an area where travel is limited by winding rivers/canals and limited, oft congested crossing points.

Plotters Kill (Flat Creek) is a rugged gorge in Rotterdam Junction, just a few miles from the Rotterdam Square Mall. The waterfalls are mostly seasonal, and already Rynex Creek was almost completely dry, but the Plotters Kill was still flowing nicely.

Still, it's a nice place to explore after work during the summer, or a nice local place to do a little top rope ice climbing during the winter. Although, with the larger Upper Falls being only 60 feet, by the time the base freezes you probably only have about a 45 foot climb. Not insignificant for a local climb minutes from Schenectady, but for a little more driving you can be doing multipitch ice in the Catskills or Adirondacks.

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