Saturday, March 13, 2010

Colvin's First...

Colvin and Aim on the eastern viewpoint of the 3140ft Overlook Mountain.

Well it's been a month since we got the next generation trail dog. He is definitely in some ways an improved Caney, and in others a work in progress.

It's been a good month though, he has plenty of toys, and is getting lots of attention so he (knock on wood) hasn't been destructive to anything that isn't his. He is definitely a chewer though! He's pretty much house broken too. After Aim was having some issues with taking him out FREQUENTLY the first few days he has only had one accident in 3 weeks, which I am still convinced was because we were cooking and not paying attention to him. Or at least not paying attention to him asking us to go out. Caney was visibly spiteful, I think Colvin might not have that trait!

Colvin's First Summit
Colvin and Aim playing on the summit of Overlook Mountain, Colvin's first summit!

Training has been going well. He's smart, but he isn't Caney smart. Caney was a sponge, even if he chose to not perform a command or "stupid pet trick", he learned them almost instantly and was eager to show you at least a few times he could do it. Colvin definitely takes a bit longer, and then he too decides sometimes to not "remember" what he clearly knows. We have come, sit, and down pretty well sorted out in theory. Working on heel (or at least loose leash walking since I never really understood the purpose of heel anyway to a suburban or rural dog, I'm sure it's useful in dense urban areas) and stay. However, doing them with distractions is still not a sure thing, Colvin is much more easily distracted than Caney was, partially because he is more fit and more energetic. Lately the cat has been getting put in the crate while we work on things so we have one less distraction. It seems like Jasper doesn't really appreciate anyone else playing with his dog.

Speaking of the cat, Jasper and Colvin are doing great together, although unlike Caney and Jasper whom sort of shared a bond and were very gentle in their play; Colvin and Jasper play much too rough. I'm definitely concerned one of them is going to get hurt, but they both do like each other, and Jasper definitely is the instigator if Colvin happens to not show any interest. After Jasper warmed up to Colvin you could definitely see he is the type of cat that does need a dog to keep him occupied. He really hadn't had a dog to play with since about last winter when Caney first became really sick.

Colvin's First Summit Colvin has definitely been racking up the miles, he's logged at least 10 and as many as 20 miles a week since the second week we had him, he's been to both the Adirondack and Catskill Forest Preserves, summited a 3000ft peak, and been off the leash on the trail. His weatherproof fur is awesome, Caney was (once again) a sponge. He soaked up rain, mud, and water like he was the Shamwow, although somehow he never looked dirty. Colvin on the other hand barely gets wet even in the rain, and then he is dry in 5 minutes. Colvin's front paws are huge, which of course is great in the snow. Caney had tiny paws. I'm also hoping Colvin's larger paw surface area will distribute the abuse of New Hampshire talus better than Caney's paws did.

Oh, and he's been to the vet where they ooohed and ahhhed over how handsome he is. Other than the thermometer up the butt, the blood draw, the vaccines, and the nail clipping (Colvin has black nails so I am skittish about cutting them myself, yet!) he said it was tons of fun. Other than the $350 bill for a well pet checkup, we agreed as well!

All in all it's been a good first month, hopefully by next month we will have all the commands down and can really start hitting the trail, I know he is going to be a great dog while mountain biking because he loves to run!

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