Monday, December 15, 2008

Shoe'd Out Of Office With The Reflexes Of A Cat

While I try to keep the Mountain Visions blog somewhat relevant to the title, occasionally it's merely my musings of the surrounding world.

Anyone who knows me, knows I am amazed that George W. Bush was elected once, and completely dumbfounded that he was elected to a second term. Failed policy after failed policy in the first term. A war that was both illegal, morally wrong, and poorly planned. And despite the 2000 campaign promise of restoring dignity to the Oval Office, an administration that was filled with scandal after scandal, including possible treason.

We won't even mention the fact that the nation went from a budget surplus in 2000 to 1 trillion deficit, BEFORE the bailouts! That while people had been saying for most of his administration that the middle class was vanishing, it's now quite clear it is. That personal wealth evaporated under his watch, right after the gap between rich and poor grew to all time highs. That deregulating Wall Street (and this is coming from someone who believes in the stock market) is like having a prison without guards, bars, or doors!

Let us not forget that in the 2000 election debates he promised not to engage in "nation building" and now we are building at least 2 nations!

Worst of all, I truly believe if he could have run for a third term he'd have won.

I still firmly believe he won't be satisfied unless he leaves the White House smoldering behind him on January 20th.

Yet, somehow, I find the guy ever amusing. More than just the late night jokes and the political pundits who make a mockery of him. I actually enjoy just watching him on the world stage, the mannerisms, the faux pas, and his complete ignorance to all of it!

The other day, on a "surprise" visit to Iraq for what some believe was the solidification of his only possible legacy -eventual victory and democracy in Iraq- he was attacked by a shoe throwing journalist.

While some people might consider this a violent act of aggression against a head of this nation, and just plain wrong, I have to disagree and with a unique reason.

George W. Bush has almost seemed relieved his 8 years are over. If you look at him, he often looks like a player whose team is down by 40 points in the 4th quarter and just wants the clock to run out so he can shower and get something to eat.

While his decisions were never good, this writer believes his heart was in the game for most of his presidency. Perhaps had inept morons like Brownie, and Rumsfeld, and other overzealous war mongers not filled his administration his 8 years might have been yielded more fruitful results.

Yesterday, I believe GW had a rare moment of fun, like a pillow fight, or a snowball fight. The guy threw a shoe, and GWB dodged one, smiled, and dodged another (almost appearing to try to catch it). Almost like, "I knew this Presidency thing could be a good time."

If you watch the video, and watch it again and again like I did, you see the pure joy the President got from this harmless incident. Part of me truly believes he wanted to pick the shoe up and throw it back. Not in anger, but for fun.

In the end, this proves 2000 correct. George Bush definitely is the guy you'd want to have a beer with. Is there anything wrong with that? Not at all, just remember that you probably don't want your silly goose of a friend, who makes a great bar buddy, running anything important to you!

Personally, I wouldn't let this guy run my fantasy baseball leagu,e but in a different time, with a different supporting cast, he just might have been a fun president to have in office!

So the next time you have a chance to vote for the guy you want to have a beer with, keep in mind the last 8 years. Sadly, I think Joe Average day in office is over,. Of course, I have a good feeling that in 2012, you are going to see Barbie Mooseburger running for office as the Walmart Mom of choice. I truly hope that American's have learned their lesson (and I truly hope Obama does a good enough job to make any challenger nothing more than a passing thought in the minds of voters)!

One final note, how cool is it that we have president that says, "I don't know what the guys beef was with me."

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