Friday, April 13, 2007

Does April Snow Mean Global Warming Is a Hoax

Most people appear to be under the impression that a cold spring means the scientist are nuts. Whats important to remember is that global warming doesn't mean it NY will become Florida and England will become Morocco.

What will happen is bizarre weather patterns and an overall world pattern of climate change. We will see faster melting of the global ice caps, glaciers and permanent snow fields.

On the other hand, some places might even see increases in snow fall.

For instance the Northeast might see later snow falls, and Nor'easters that would normally drop 10 inches of snow might drop 30inces.

What won't change is the fact that weather will become increasingly unpredictable and overall the world will see warmer average temperatures.

And in the battle of global warming it's not the day to day appearance, such as a few weeks of bitter cold, but the long term average temperatures, which over the last decade has had the bulk of the highest temperatures on record.

Look no further then the fact that over the last 20 years the permanent snow line of all the worlds major mountains has increased in altitude. Since the temperature drops approximately 3.5 degrees per every 1000 feet over 2000ft it is very simple to extrapolate that the air temperature is increasing.

Looking at the image at the start of the post you can see the difference in the Greenland snow cap from 1992 and 2005.


In Great Britian:

My photos are ‘wake-up call' on climate change, Joe Cornish tells BBC

Renowned landscape photographer Joe Cornish has spoken of his concern for climate change which he says is evident from recent pictures of the UK he has captured for the National Trust.Picture credit: Joe Cornish/NTPL

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